Edit Repeating Group's values by clicking on a edit button

Hi, I’m new to Bubble family. I need a small help.

I want to edit a row of Repeating Group table. For that, I have given an Edit button in all the rows. By the clicking on the Edit button, I am opening a pop-up. There I have given an input box and an image uploader which user can be edit or update. In the name input placeholder, I am passing the “Parent group’s Team’s name” (Here Team is a Table) and in the image placeholder, I am giving “Parent group’s Team’s picture”, which is correct as per my understanding. In the pop-up’s data source, I am getting confused with what to be there? For now, I am giving “Search for Teams:first item”. So it is giving me the first item on every team’s Edit click. I want the same Name and Team picture in the pop-up by clicking on the Edit button so that Admin can make changes and update the value.

For better understanding I’m also providing the screen shot of the workflow.


Set your Popup’s data type to be Team.

Then when you click on edit button, as part of the workflow, set the Team to be Current Cell’s Team.

This shows how to do it, although it isn’t an edit, the idea is the same.


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I have set the Popup’s data type as ‘Team’.

Now for the Edit button workflow, I have set the ‘show popup Team’(see screenshot below), which is opening the pop up smoothly. I’m concerned about popup Team data source value which I have given the screenshot above in my post.

https://prnt.sc/iks0pj (Edit button workflow)

Also if I’m changing the input’s value, bubble is showing me a popup, "Sorry, you do not have permission to modify this ".

You will need to set the Popup’s data value in the workflow too.

Cool. This worked for me.

Now, when I am saving the data, a alert maessage is coming, "Sorry, you do not have permission to modify this ".
Do you have any idea, why this alert message is coming?

Are you autobinding the field to the data ?

Yes, I am. Is there any problem with doing that?

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