Editing repeating groups

I have repeating group with text in each row. I am able to use a popup and edit the text in the repeating group. I placed the ‘Edit’ button inside the repeating group row and when I click the button, the text of that row appears in the pop up and I am able to edit it and save it. So far so good.

However, what I want is this - inside each row of the repeating group a dotted menu appears on the right. When I click it, a small pop up appears with ‘delete’ ,’ edit’ options. I am able to do this also. When I click the option ‘edit’, the post in the current cell (or rather row) of the repeating group should appear in the pop up where I can edit it. I am not able to figure out how how to link the current cell in the repeating group with the second popup (that will be used for editing or deleting).

Please help.


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Just pass the data to the first popup first (using display data), and then from there to the second popup.

Alternatively, you can just refer to the first popup’s data in the workflow for the second popup.

Of course you could do the same thing with a custom state - just set a custom state value when the dotted menu is clicked (to be the current cell’s thing), then refer all the edit or delete workflows to that value.

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Hi Adam

Thanks a lot…it works. This is new learning. You seem to be a master of Bubble.

I just to open the first popup on the left of the button menu. The popup right side should end just a few pixels from the start of the menu. This is purely for aesthetics. Is there any setting in Bubble for doing this…any offset?


If you’re using actual popup elements, then no - popups are always cantered on the screen by default, and there’s no way in native Bubble to change that (as far as I know).

Of course if you’re comfortable using CSS then it should be possible to make some custom CSS to change the position of the popup.

If you’re using any other type of element then it should be possible to position them wherever you like.

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