There is a weird "edit link on my site"

So I was just making some changes to my site and I notice this small edit link in on my page. When I click it it just brings me back to the top but does anyone know what this is?

You have an element on the page that you didn’t notice.
You can, in debug mode, hover this element to find the name and search it in editor to delete it

Ok I found it in the debug mode but when I try to search through the elements It doesn’t even show up? The name if it is “Link G” but there is no element that says that in the editor

How do you search?

When I was editing that page I just go to “pick an element”

Try to use the search box too. In some case, items are in reusable element and you don’t find them

Oh ok Ill try that too

So I searched it up and it turns out there were like 10 links all layered over each other so I deleted all of them so its good now. Thanks!

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