Edit Repeating Group’s values by clicking on a edit button

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I would like to get a button edit in my repeating group presenting videos and to display a pop up when I click on edit. On this pop would display information of the video that I want to edit.
For now what I did doesn’t works even by following some tutorials already existing on this forum. I tried to follow this step :
Make sure the popups source type is of the same type of the repeating group,

Set each input element’s initial data to parents thing’s email for example.
Then add an icon on the repeating group with a workflow that will show this popup and “display current cells thing”.
On the popup add a save button with a workflow to “make changes to thing” to parents thing.
Another action that will hide the popup.

Please find below my workflow when I click on the button edit:

Please find below the pop datatype source:

Please find below the datatype and source of the repeating group:

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Try displaying the data before showing the group. Worked for me once.

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The Data source of popup have to be Parentgroup Videos…

The popup doesn’t have a parent group mate.

I am working on a similar thing right now where I have a schedule of a person in each row, which can be edited, deleted, added. I am trying to do inline editing there, and that itself is failing.

Are you able to do inline editing instead of pop-up?

Hi tanks for your answer, how can I give to the pop up a parent group ? sorry I am very new to bubble.

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Thanks ualdir,
Indeed the pop up doesn’t have any groups, but I still don’t know how to link the pop up to the same parent group where the repeating group is located.

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It’s not possible for a popup to have a parent group by default.

Have you sent the cell’s data to the popup during the action Display data in Popup Edit video?
If you choose Current cell’s Video as Data to display, using the Parent group’s data should do the job while setting the popup inputs’ initial data.

Below is the example basing on my app (instead of CMR you should have Video).

same problem

I tried now something and it is working kind of.

The attached (uploaded files) are shown in the multifile uploader. So here is what happening. Let us say I created a new post and uploaded 2 pics. When I edit the post the 2 pics are shown in the uploader. If I click on the “remove” button in the multifile uploader and click “Save”, nothing changes. If I click the edit button and click the save button, the 2 pics are added again to the list of attached. (I tried " Attached add list multifile uploader’s value" and “Attached remove list multifile uploader’s value” at the same time hoping it to work.

And to edit post’s details (rich text input’s value) I need to enable auto binding which automatically saves the changes. Is there way to save the changes once a button is clicked?

Hi @Szymon,
Thanks for your help.
I tried but it doesn’t works, please see what I got below:

Maybe because my pop is not linked with the group of the repeating group ?

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If the workflow is triggered by pressing a button which is inside the cell of a repeating group, you should be able to use Current cell data type instead of index (CMR in my example case).

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If this data type is not visible in the list, please check if the button is correctly placed or if the workflow event is triggered correctly.

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