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Edit wrong Style pre-filtered


it is not really a bug, but an “annoying” feature that almost surely is not planned.
It is very minor, but I think it is worthed to mention for future fixes.

When search for a Style in a search box, it filters the list of styles in the style page of your editor.
After you leave the page, and go back on the editor and after a while maybe you want to edit a style of a specific element by clicking on “Edit Style” button, it will re-direct to the style page, BUT since the filter is still active it will make you edit the latest style you opened, not the one you are thinking you are editing.

I think this is a “dangerous” behaviour (thought, very minor) since sometimes you cannot realize you are changing the wrong style (happened already twice to me!).

Not much to complains about Bubble beside this so far! :slight_smile:




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