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Hi @jeremy.shubert

Generally it happens when you have a problem with your data set (null values for example)

I thought so. I have a conditional (items:count>0) that should be blocking the work flow that clears the table and adds new columns. When I follow it step-by-step in the debug the conditional is correct and I never get errors. I get the errors in a live application though. Any ideas where else to check?

Do you have different data sets for test and live app? So probably you have some “null” values in your Live database?

yes, there are null values. I’ll just have to figure out a way to keep the workflow to render the table from running when there is no data

Any plan for a column or a format option on the numeric column for a percentage ?

Hi @jeremy.shubert ,
Sounds interesting! What are your exact requirements for the percentage format column?

On an input element there is a dropdown “Content Format” with “Percentage” as an option. This takes a numeric value and displays as a precentage, ex: 0.2 database value displays as 20%. Would be nice to have this as an option on numeric columns or have a separate column type.

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Any thoughts on this?

That’s a really nice suggestion about new column type. I’ll need to check how it could be implemented with the library this plugin uses internally.

That’s really hard to understand what’s happening without seeing your database and workflows. So for I can only give you a link with a demo app using Dropdown column:

Thanks, I’ve definitely looked at that example. Your choices for the dropdown are static. My choices are dynamic and coming from an Option Set. Notice in this image the first option set value is Square Feet.

Here’s a table with the dropdown column, all of these have values in the database but only the first option from my Option Set, Square Feet, is displayed.

If I move a different value, example Each, up to the top in the Option Set then only the rows with Each as the value will display in the Dropdown Column.


I am having exactly the same issue, but am pulling the values from the database itself. This is quite frustrating and very limiting.

How do I find the row in the bubble database that corresponds to the deleted row on the table. I would then like to delete the corresponding record in the bubble database as well