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I did it and it did not work. Check :

that is what I am getting. Here is the workflow:

I am wondering why I can enter 2% directly in the cell? When I enter that, I get 200% after page refresh. Bug???

Hi, can we configure/change the language for the buttons : Search, Show, Entries, etc. ? Thanks

Hi @BubbleSam,

Question, super simple example… can I do the following with this plug in?

Column A = An API call that returns prices of something. Every cell in Column A would have a price.

Column B = Simple formula to do some math on the price to the cell on the left (maybe Price x 2).

Can I then reference a specific cell and place it in a custom state? Such as Cell B4?
In other words, "take the value in cell B4 and put it in the following Custom State… “name”

The equations in all of Column B would remain the same always, but the data that populates into Column A would change and come in from an API call.

Can we do this and can you show an example? Thinking about purchasing.

Danstrong text


Is there a way to allow the user to create a bunch of changes, and have a “save” button that sends all of the changes at the same time to an API endpoint?

I need a way to send the state of the table to an endpoint (hopefully in json format).
I thought about using the CSV output (capture it in the workflow, and send it to an endpoint), but it goes directly to the browser.

When trying to insert a column of numbers, I get the following error message, how can I resolve this?


Hi @rein Can you share the solution?

Hi all! I would like to diplslay numbers in a cell with thousand separator. How would you perform that?

10000000 > 1 000 000


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Hi, Nice plugin, I was wondering i saw you published the data value, and it published the data but shows the formula instead of calculated value, any chance you can publish the calculated value ?

Hey @BubbleSam !

I have problems with formulas and storing the result of the calculation. Maybe you can help :slight_smile:

The first one is that “=21,5" doesn’t work but "=21.5” does. Is there a workaround to handle “.” decimal based numbers?

The second one is more complexe:
I’m trying to save the result of “=2*1.5” in a database. When I press enter I have the proper number in the cell “3” but this is not what it is saved in the database. What is saved is the formula without all characters. In this case it would be “21.5”.

Here are the workflows and screenshots to help you understand:

The workflow:

The formula:
Capture d’écran 2023-07-06 à 10.06.56

The result after I press enter:
Capture d’écran 2023-07-06 à 10.07.27

The same cell after I refresh the page:
Capture d’écran 2023-07-06 à 10.07.38

I understand that the cell value is the formula as text to re run the formula each time we run the page. Is there a way to retrieve the calculated value instead? I need to retrieve only numbers for further calculations.

Thanks :wink:

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever resolve it?

@BubbleSam I don’t seem to be able to get around this. It could be a Bubble update breaking the flow. Can you please let us know what to do?

In my case, I found that most of these errors were due to the data I was inserting into the column being empty. I got around this problem by replacing blank data with the number “zero”.