Editor Error at Bubble

Hi Guys,

I could not see my editor working and i have stuck up at the index page with the saving option very long time. Two times i had closed and opened it again but it does not solve.

This happens at 29-June-2018 - Login Time : 1:35 P.M SGT

Can you file a bug report?

I don’t know how to generate bug report. Editor page was hanging at “saving” mode for more than 1 hour. So i left out and logged in back after 5 hours and it is working fine again.

Not sure if there is an internal mechanism to generate an audit for my user id.

Is there a trouble shooting “what to do” document when we have this kind of issues?


To file a bug, go to www.bubble.is/bug_report and fill out the form. It’s a handy link to bookmark for future needs!

After filing a bug report, you may want to try restarting your computer. I find this usually resolves this type of problem for a while.

thank you

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