Editor is freezing every 30 minutes or so

Hey everyone, the Bubble editor has never been a speedy one, but now it’s just unbearable. Is anyone else facing the same problem of the editor being super slow?

I’ve tried it on two machines, and it’s the same thing. It’s annoying as hell.


Clearing caches makes it like new for me although I have to clear it every hour… but it’s been getting worse for me too


Yeah or restarting the browser or using 1 editor, but that’s not how it’s suppose to work.

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I’m experiencing the same thing.


came on here to say the same thing. the constant freezing and bugs are insane. The new expression system should’ve been released as experimental only.


It has become impossible to create a condition.

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The editor’s performance is absolutely embarrassing. The experience of working with Bubble is progressively becoming a pain.


Same thing, only page reload helps, insane

Yesterday, I genuinely set up remote desktop (Parsec) from my PC to my Macbook so I can work using my PC’s i9-13900k. I bought that CPU for MSFS, didn’t think I’d be keeping it for the Bubble editor…

I recently upgraded to Mac from Windows and genuinely thought I should’ve stayed with Windows after bubble started freezing every 30 or so minutes
Glad to know it’s not my Mac’s inability to handle bubble editor :joy:

Is it working better?

Well, the editor runs better on a high end CPU than my Macbook M1 chip, but I get a little bit of latency as a result of editing remotely. I don’t notice it that much.

For me it does not matter, on both machines it’s a shitshow

Bubble will probably allocate dev time to building a mobile version of the editor before fixing what exists right now :laughing:

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I don’t expect that will do something about, the whole editor needs a complete revamp. Just sharing frustration.

Reading this forum while I wait for Bubble to unfreeze. Delightful :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use the chrome extension “bubble editor lite” to quickly turn off the issue checker along with forcing bubble not to load in invisible elements until I need them.

I’m a SPA guy so I try to use as many reusables as I can, but my index page is still a monster. The editor experience has gotten so bad that I use my second laptop as a second editor now, rather than using one laptop and just switching tabs back and forth.

I literally cannot edit on bubble with just 1 editor tab open, as it takes too long to switch pages, especially when you’re trying to set up a workflow that is dependent on the index page and a reusable talking to each other.

Moreover, every time you switch pages, it collapses all your groups, so it just becomes a headache.


This is so true

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I wish there was expand all children but that expanded children of children of children etc…


Yeah the closest thing to that is to tap on reveal element position. Depending on your apps size, you might have to click on the button multiple times before it opens up all the groups.

This is also only useful when your group is already visible. If you have an invisible group, you’ll have to find it in the search bar first in order to get to this button.