Editor is very slow. Anyone experiencing the same? Part 2

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Super slow in building expressions and generally making design or workflow changes in editor

e.g. lag when typing a text value for a state
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Anybody getting this?


Not for me

Same issue here, has been happening for a month or so.

When it’s slow for me, all I do is clear my browser cache, then it’ll be fine

For me it’s a case of having to do a system restart and boot back up. Then the editor will run smoothly for a good for hours, but eventually on a large scale app, with a team of 3-5 users working in the editor, it gets painfully slow and the process repeats itself.

Maybe the slowness is the error checker as this has to work for multiple users in the editor, so hoping when that goes server side it will free up and speed up the bubble editor.

Hey @eve, do you want to address this?

Same thing here, it went very well for the past two weeks and now again we’re trapped with a laggy editor.


Guys change your browser to brave browser, Ever since I changed my browser to this, I have never faced any sort of lag. In case there is still a lag after couple of hours of use, just restart the browser and it will be back to normal.

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“I never have any lag, but when I do I restart the browser and it goes away”

Sorry couldn’t help it. sounded a bit funny. :wink:

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“Sorry couldn’t help it. sounded a bit funny.” actually sounded funny to me lol

This happened to me as well. I normally use Edge, but recently switched to Brave for Bubble stuff.

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for me this went away as soon as I got a new notebook with 16 Gig ram.
And I use ccleaner a lot to delete old internet cache files (every day)

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