Editor keeps copying and pasting the same HTML code?

I’m working on a mobile app and my editor keeps adding the same HTML code (a video I embedded into the app), even when I try to copy and paste another set of code. Is this a bug?

Maybe something wrong with your clipboard and copy feature? Have you tried testing by copying and pasting into a text editor the same code to see if you have actually copied something new?

Thank you! I think that’s it. My clipboard and copy feature seems to be off. I will try again and get back to you. However, I’ve tried on different apps within Bubble, and every time I try to paste into the HTML box the same code comes up. I’ve tried to change it many times and it hasn’t worked.

How are you doing the pasting? (Keyboard, bubble ui ecc)

I’m using my keyboard and mouse. Is there another way we can paste?

there are multiple ways of pasting stuff in bubble: from the default clipboard text to the bubble-managed clipboards in the local storage of the browser.
Default clipboard os the one you normally use with CTRL + C/V.
Bubble’s clipboard is the one accessed with right click, has custom ui and depends on what part of the editor you click.

If the problem happens with CTRL + C/V that it may be a problem of your system’s clipboard.
If it happens with operations triggered from the custom bubble ui them it may be that you are copy/pasting by clicking on different type of elements in the editor.

Or maybe it’s a bug :upside_down_face:

I have been primarily using a right click approach with my wireless mouse (I have a MacBook), I will try the CTRL + C/V approach and see if it works! Thank you!

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