Get rid of "Copy Code" at the top of every page as it loads


My app can be found at

As each page loads, I can see “Copy Code” at the top.

How do I get rid of this or add a loading page so it looks a little more professional?

Thank you!

Looks like something is running before the page itself loads. Is there something in the header? Posting a link to your editor would help folks find the issue.

Thanks for a quick reply. How Do I link to the editor safely?

No problem. Go to the settings tab -> General. Make sure the application rights are set to “everyone can view”. Then just copy/paste the url.

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Thank you!

Here is the link:

Yeppers! I was right (well, kinda. It was in the body, not the header :confused: )

Go to your settings tab -> SEO & Metatags. Scroll down to “Script in the body”. At the end of that input box, past the final “script” tag is your culprit. There’s a “copy code” set of text there. It isn’t doing anything. Just getting picked up as text, so it’s displaying before your page loads.

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You are an absolute star!

Thank you so much.

It’s been annoying me for months!

No problem. I’ve experienced that headache myself :slight_smile:

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