Elegant dynamic form

Hi - I’m trying to build a form that is similar to a surveymonkey or Typeform. That is, you would fill in the first question, and then it would fade out and go to the next question. This might run for 5-10 questions before you hit submit.

My question is – is there any elegant way to do this? Right now I’m thinking of using conditions on a group. The issue is if I have 10 questions, there would basically be 10 groups that sit right on top of each other in the editor with logic conditions going back and forth. For example the 2nd question would need to have a conditional back button that goes to the 1st and then a condition for the 3rd, etc. This feels extremely unwieldy and ripe for bugs.

Has anyone implemented something similar and would have a thought? Thanks

Using states would probably be your best bet. Why ripe for bugs? As long as you implement it correctly, it should work perfectly fine.