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The best way to setup

what the best to setup this , I want when a user check the choice , specific information show up

what is the best performance to do that

Not 100% sure what you’re asking but probably using custom states and then set conditions on visibility. You could also pass specific data through URL parameters and then set conditions on visibility.

If you have six ‘sub types’ of questions then I would suggest making these static fields rather than trying to get too clever.

Then have a group per type, on ‘add’ you create the new (empty) type and display it (or set a custom state to the type being entered).

However it looks like you want to have a series of ‘types’ that display one after the other depending on which ones you ticked?

So you could use a similar technique. Set up ‘empty’ forms for all the ones ticked, with a number on them indicating sequence, then display the next unfilled section for the lowest number.

In this case you probably want something as a container like ‘section’ which has the status and sequence. And maybe a type. Then link the static forms in there.

Sorry I didn’t give you enough details , I’m building an platform for school

any way I want school to be able to create form and check the information they need and then send this form to parent so they can fill the form and then send it back for school

it’s very complicated so I’ll appreciate your help :heart: :heart: :heart:

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