Element Conditional On/Off

Can someone explain the on/off feature. As far as I can tell, the condition works regardless if it is set to on or off. I would think if its off (which is the default) the condition when met wouldnt be triggered. I realized this when I noticed all the conditions I created were off but still worked. What am I missing?

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I wish this option could disable the condition, but it is not. This button is only used for display purposes. For example, put a text field and fill it with ‘some text’. Activate ON and you will see the text on your text box in the editor. It simply shows the display result.

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Thanks JohnMark.

Can you confirm the order of evaluation is from bottom to top?

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The sequence is from top to bottom.

When I changed the order I get a different result. It appears to evaluate bottoms up. Plus if that is true, why do they have a button that allows you to change the order?

John - so would it be correct to say that the conditions are evaluated from top to bottom until a condition is false?

Until the last one. If the first is true, and the last is true, the last will prevail.

Yes that makes sense based on what I’m seeing. Thanks

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