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Element (in front) absorbs Click of the element (in back)

Having Chat feature here - where user can switch between “writing the reply” and “the reply’s conversation (rg)” - by clicking at the “white space” around the Multiline input.

On the photo there is example of Click 1 (white space) - which works greatly, whereas Click 2 (when clicked on the Multiline input) - the workflow is triggered as it has been clicked on the “white space” (where the workflow is) - behind the Multiline input on the group level.

Have added to the Multiline input a background color - for perhaps adding the difference between the (white space) group and the Multiline input, and have several times clicked for the Multiline input to be in front of the group “elements”.

How to exclude the Multiline input from this workflow “Click”? Thanks!

You can right click on the multiline input element and select “ungroup these elements” to remove the element from the larger group (its location on the page can stay the same). Once the element is ungrouped, clicking on it should not trigger the workflow for the former parent element (the group). If this doesn’t work for your use case, you can always reach out to Bubble Support with your app name and use case for additional suggestions!

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Hi Rachel,

Have seen your solution, haven’t been tried it out, but I believe that around 80% should work, definitely worth trying (if you are came to the same issue/tread here).

On the other hand, and due to our unique product (design), here is our solution:

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