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Element tree improvements

Making people more productive should be a core focus for the Editor. The element tree could be way more powerful than it currently is. A few suggestions:

  • Things should auto reveal in the element tree when clicked
  • I should be able to control + click stuff in the element tree to group them up, do bulk editing, etc
  • Elements that are part of a workflow should have an icon to them
  • Improved readability by spacing things better, larger font, bold for hierarchy, etc
  • Improved visibility of currently selected item (that soft blue isn’t doing it for me. Bold and brighter color would be better)
  • Better search and filters (filter by groups, show only elements with workflows attached to them, etc)

Just some things that are a little painful everyday that would be great to see improved.


Couldn’t agree more! I would especially like to have the ability to Ctrl + click elements via the tree, instead of having to manually find the item on the page. It can be incredibly annoying when certain elements are hidden by default, or there is a group hidden behind a variety of elements (Hence I cannot click them).


Working in the element tree will grow in need in the new editor. To add to that list:

  • can I have some drag ‘n drop?
  • a way to add a new element right within the tree.