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[Feature Improvement] Elements Tree Interaction

We released a small update to the elements tree interaction model to include an improved hover and selected state for elements in the elements tree. Hopefully this should make interacting with the now expandable elements tree a little smoother!



Also I like this one small but nice update while adding a new repeating group on the page


Nice update!

It is an improvement. But can you allow the panel to go wider like this?



It would be awesome to see an icon next to a group that indicates whether it has a workflow attached to it or not.

I’m getting lost with the massive amount of groups I need for layout purposes… and figuring out which ones trigger what is killing me.

Yes, naming is important… but when I have pages with hundreds of groups, it gets tedious.

Seeing the icon for workflows would let me see which groups actually have an action on it vs. the sea of “possibles”.

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 11.59.52 AM




Nice, but your GIF does not do it justice :wink:

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Yes this update would be game-changing!

It would be also good to see the tree structure of elements in a workflow (i.e. “when element is clicked”) rather than a mere list of elements.

Since you just see the list of elements in the workflow, you need to give all elements unique names which becomes increasingly difficult if the number of elements increases on a certain page.


Let’s go. This was one of my Feature requests on the Ideaboard!

@nickc - Can you put a search button or sort the elements in alphabetical order, I’m tired of searching each element to get the right one, Currently no alphabetical order, Only bubble knows how its sorted.

Do you happen to use the element search in the top menubar? Its a bit less direct as you still need to reveal the element in the elements tree for it to show up, but it does allow you to search

Yes, This is the only method available and its long way. Like going to some place by taking 3 connecting flights :slight_smile:
If the same search bar available on top of element tree its faster, Imagine searching a group or item in 600+ items in elements tree. Alphabetical sort is highly recommended


Nice! But what would also be great would be to be able to see the + straight after opening the page, not only after right clicking on an element on the page and then reveal in element tree…
I have the same problem on various Bubble account and apps, so I guessed it 's not a bug but, is it?

Please offer an option to auto-expand the tree to the current item selected.


This sounds like a regression - do you mind filing a bug report?

Clicking on the reveal in the elements tree button?

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No clicking involved. Looking to have tree stay open & show the element you are working on.

Right… as you select something, it is automatically displayed on the tree. That would be nice.

This is also a fairly common feature in most apps.
I have a feeling it doesn’t work this way for performance reasons…