Element tree improvements?

Can someone explain how the element tree works?
It would be better if the element trees were minimized when the page or reusable is clicked.

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I just spent 3minutes minimizing them - then I refreshed and they are back, maximized. lol

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Tell we show all elements as many users have asked for. What would you rather see? You can just hide it clicking on the title.

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Could you minimize them by default?
So far it’s not been increasing my productivity but decreasing it.

Instead of building, I’m spending my time finding element in this tree.

I had great success finding elements using the element search function, perhaps maybe users didn’t know about that function?
This tree makes the editor a lot slower too.
And creates weird things, I have a menu on the left side that is in a different group from the main dashboard - with this new tree when I edit a part of the dashboard it automatically hides the menu bar - so I have to go back and find the menu bar and make it visible just to make sure the layout is still good, but then if I try to edit the dashboard again, the menu automatically invisible again.

Can we either go back and streamline the element search function, or either tailor this tree so it’s actually improving productivity?!

ICan you try to be specific? Just saying “its bad” isn’t easy to use as a feedback.

If it’s slow, please provide a link and we’ll see if that’s the issue/

When you say “collapse them”, try explain what “them” describes.


Also, you can keep using the previous element picker in the top bad, it’s still there.

I would prefer
1/ all the tree collapsed at first - but still showing all the hidden elements
2/ remove the “eye” icons (or make it almost transparent) for all the already visible elements


It’d be great if I could only see the main Groups and elements as it was before.
But if I decided that I need to find an element in a particular group then I can actually click the + sign and have the ability to find element easier.

Having everything closed up by default would be more preferable.
I also agree with @nicolas.daprigny - the eyes should be invisible. Right now I can barely see what is visible or invisible.

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UPDATE: Now I see what you’re saying. What if the Bubble team added

  1. the ability to search to limit the items in the tree
  2. A button to “collapse all” and “expand all” in the tree
  3. Make the eye icon a different color between “eye/visible” (maybe blue) and “no eye/not visibile” (same grey).
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Or how about having a button ‘only show hidden element’ (like before) / ‘show all element’ in the title box?

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I’m digging this new feature. Well done.

That’d be fantastic!

It’s actually a great feature as long as you don’t have hundreds of elements in one page.

In my apps there are so many things going on that it takes me a minute scrolling down the list. There are also so many subgroups that the name of the elements isn’t even readable anymore.

A button to show only hidden elements or show all elements would be an ultimate solution.

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Great work. Let me throw a proposition.

I have hundred of elements as I am building everything in a single page and I feel everything would work well if, in the element tree, the hierarchy would be hidden under the elements that are not ‘visible on page load’ unless the user click on them.

At the start it would look collapsed and it would shrink the number of element displayed simultaneously…

We would still benefit from the possibility to see the visible element. But the entropy of what appears in the element tree would be proportionate to the numbers of visible component on one page.

Somehow, in my project, the hidden elements are the ones defining the nodes of the hierarchy of components. Showing a hidden element in the builder is pretty much the same action as expanding to see the element that are below in the element tree.

For pages that are not using extensively hidden elements it would still be great to start with everything collapsed and to have expand/collapse actions, maybe on right click…

I would also love to right click copy/paste from the element tree, some elements are are to catch…:slight_smile:

how the short term it’d be great indeed to have the previous behaviour available. It was very productive.

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I like the element tree

I like the tree as long as the default is collapsed for everything. I have one page with A LOT of elements and I cant find my main groups anymore because everything is expanded by default.


I like the “one click” to access any element’s editor window

Just yesterday I was thinking that something like that would be great. Nice Job Guys!!! Would be good to have a “collapse all” etc. function. ALso, it would be great if it would stay the way its configured and not change after reloading the page etc.

But all in all awesome

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the element tree is amazing! I’ve been waiting for something like this forever and I was going to suggest it. For some reason, when you minimize elements in the tree, as soon as you click a different element, everything gets maximized again.

something that would be great, is if you could move elements around in the tree to adjust their order/position in the page/group.

Great job! :+1:

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I like this feature, but after a bit of use I have some suggestions. When the page loads, have all elements collapsed. It would also be great if it was easier to find items in the list. I spent about 5 minutes looking for an item (never had that issue before) - either via a search bar, or by putting a button “show in element tree” on the editor.

All in all, great work as usual.

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