Element Tree in Alphabetic Order

It would be great if we could put this in alphabetical order:


We decided to show this by position on the page. If you want to do text search, you can use the dropdown at the top.

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Probably one of those “can’t please everyone” issues… Thanks for the reply though!


Yes we can’t please everyone here. But again, the search tool at the top lets you search by name.


No complaint here, bubble is awesome. The search tool has a different role to me, something that is very useful but used on an exceptional basis. For 99% of the navigation between components I would use the element tree.

To use the search tool for navigation without having to do mouse/keyboard/mouse, it’d be great that i) typing anywhere automatically fills the search tool, ii) the down key allows to select a element in the dropdown and iii) that the dropdowm elements be sorted alphabetically…

But more simply having the alphabetical sorting as an option or as a second level of sorting (if feasible) would be great.

Throwing my two cents in here, though several years after the original discussion, I guess.

For those of us making single-page apps, showing the elements by the “position on the page” doesn’t really work, as pretty much every element (main group) I have is in exactly the same position on my page, thus rendering the order of my element tree fairly random. As a result, I spend a lot of time searching for the right group to work on since there’s no real order to it and the order is, for some reason, ever-changing. And while the search tool can be useful at times, on a single-page app it’s way too long to be practical:

As @azzar suggests, it would be great to have the option of choosing whether to have the element tree order be “alphabetical” or “by position on page.” Admittedly, though, once I get down a level in my single-page app (i.e., to my individual “pages”), I do begin to see the value of having the elements ordered by their position with each “page” (group).

Might it be possible, then, to add one additional option, under the element tree checkbox “Only show hideable” which would enable us to be able to select just our element tree’s TOP LEVEL order, and then have anything from the second level down automatically ordered by its position? This would accommodate both those creating multiple-page sites and those of us creating single-page sites.

Screenshot 2020-07-15 11.22.58

Perhaps a solution for the can’t please everyone would be to enable the items in Elements tree to be draggable to the desired position in the list. The ability to group elements is fantastic and I’ve been making a lot of use of it to modularize sections and help with responsive flow. If those groups could then be draggable, I could organize them however makes sense to me (as sometimes the position on the page isn’t entirely intuitive). Similarly, reordering child elements within their parent container would be nice to have as well.

Not bagging on this amazing platform, but if you’re looking for more explorations to add to the feature backlog… :wink:

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I handily second this motion. Having draggable elements in the tree would be extremely helpful for organization.