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Page listings in alphabetical order

Might I make a plea for the page listing to be organized in alphabetical order? With the same needs as the Element Tree, this is becoming unwieldy at times, and I’ve still more pages to make.

Here’s a screenshot of what I have right now. As you can see things can beging to run together.


I’m confused. This is already by alphabetic order, a part from the built in pages index, 404 and reset_pw

Wow. I’ve been looking at the list going down the left column then down the right column. I now see what you are saying: the list goes alphabetically from left to right. Might be a small aesthetic issue but it seriously looks like two independent columns like you’d see in books, newspapers, and other typical text options. That’s just not how I’m used to viewing text, but I get what’s happening now. Thanks.

How about skipping the right “column”? Left to right IS confusing. The elements dropdown has one column and is easier to follow. The UI builder is now built the same way.

UX-wise I fail to see the benefit of having different design on the same type of element, only with different data.

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