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👀 Element Viewport Detector - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Element Viewport Detector - This smart plugin will trigger an event once a certain element enters user’s viewport. This should help you better understand user behavior in your app, such as number of times a certain element/group/page has been viewed (including individual cells in repeating groups) or also trigger certain workflows and UX interactions when you know that user has seen a particular part of your app.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at

If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out through Zeroqode Forum at

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I’m using this plugin in my app for this purpose however, I need to be able to access a state where the the element isn’t in viewport. I am also using a the HTML video plugin and I’m trying to have the video stop playing whenever the video isn’t in view anymore. Is there a way this can be accomplished?


I purchased this plugin, it doesnt work very well. The ‘do every time x is detected’ workflow just doesn’t trigger, rendering it essentially useless.

Hello @Tristan7577, thank you for your message.

It would be best to take a closer look inside the Demo Editor of the plugin (, where you can double-check how the plugin element and workflows function.

If you still experience any issues it will be great to share some screenshots (and a short video record of how you reproduce this case on your end) with your setup, so we can reproduce it on our side and see what might be wrong.

Let me know if you managed to sort it out.
Have a good day!

Zeroqode Support Team

It’s pretty simple, you check the do every time workflow and the first time it triggers, great. then scrolling up and down to attempt to trigger it again fails. It’s even not working on your live demo website. The free alternative has twice the functionality and actually works. Kinda embarrassing to be charging for this in its current state.

Hey @Tristan7577, thank you for your message and sorry for the issues you have encountered with our plugin.

We will investigate the issue with our developers and get back to you with an update asap.
I would like to ask you kindly to share with us the screenshot of your workflow which you are mentioning. So we can replicate and test it on our side, and make sure we understood your use case correctly.

Have a great weekend!

Zeroqode Support Team