Elements Disappear while working with them

So while working in the bubble editor, elements frequently disappear or become invisible without any real explanation. They aren’t gone, I can get them again if I click around, but it’s an odd quirk that I wasn’t sure was normal. Maybe they are disappearing behind things, but sometimes, text in particular, if I move the elements a bit all of sudden “poof” they are gone. Then I have to find them in the element tree to get them to come back. Is this normal? What’s going on?

This has been happening with me with text recently. It’s bizarre.

yeah it happens.
it’s just beauty of Bubble :wink:

Hi @dapphero,

If you drag your text outside the original group, it chooses a new element (group), so that it disappears with that element. If you use your cursor to move the object, this never happens. And welcome to Bubblemania :wink:

Beside going out of group which is main cause.

Check if you set any conditions to non visibility. Second thing if the item isn’t visiable or little eye on elements tree (left panel).
Also right click and change order of things forward or backward.