Elements not saving on pop up

I watched videos on creating pop-ups, it seems straightforward. Create pop-up, add elements…
But when I create a pop-up and try to put elements on them, it just goes into the page. It doesn’t save on the pop-up canvas.

Are you sure you’re drawing/dragging them into the popup?

I think so, check it out! https://somup.com/c3XjlUvmWt
Same with any element

Is there any other way to trigger a pop up? Or mimick pop up behavior? For example, maybe I can create a reusable element and trigger it to “pop up” when something is clicked?

Yeah, something’s not right there…

If you haven’t already tried refreshing your editor, I’d do that first to see if if fixes the problem…

If it doesn’t then I’d file a bug report…

I just tried it on a new browser and it’s working. I guess it’s cache or something browser related. Thanks!

I saw your video. I would also suggest refreshing the browser as @adamhholmes plus I would try clearing the cookies on the editor page and signing back in. Sometimes I have trouble with the page when I’ve been reusing the same editor page for multiple days.

Also, Yes a popup element can be visible with the workflow action “show element.” If the popup has a type of content, you can “display data” in that group. That basically passes a piece of data to the popup

What about using a reusable element? Is that possible? Say I create a reusable element for my login pop up, and then trigger it to pop up when someone clicks ‘login’ from any page. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Use the action, show element when the button is clicked. A popup can be a reusable.

In addition, an element on the page can be right-clicked and turned into a reusable. Then it will have to be dragged onto the page and the original one deleted.

Thank you greatly! Pop up is already working and I’ll be testing out those other ways.
it’s just tough when you don’t know if your knowledge is short, if the browser/something else is malfunctioning.

Is it possible to trigger a pop up to show on a different page that it was created? Or do I need to create the same pop up on every page?

User a reusable element… and add it to the pages you need it on (or petter still, add it to another reusable element that’s already on each page, such as the header)…

But if you want to trigger it from one page to show on another page, you’ll probably need to use URL parameters and page-load conditional workflows to display it…

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