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No issue report if reusable element not recognized?

I have the same reusable element (login pop up) in two pages. when a botton in page 1 is clicked, it opens the pop up in page1.

then I copy with workflows the button to page 2, there is no issue report but the popup2 doesn’t work. I have to delete the popup2 and put it again, then go to workflow, delete action show popup and put it again.

Without a link to your app editor, it’s hard to know what’s going on. If you share a link, we can help diagnose, but right now it’s almost impossible to tell.

It is a glitch that always happens:

  1. try put the same reusable element in two pages (login popup)

  2. in page 1 create a button that shows the popup when clicked

  3. copy the button with workflows and then paste in it in page 2

no issue reported but it doesn’t work… you need to choose the element to show again…