Custom Sign Up/Log In Popup - not displaying


I am new to bubble and am trying to create a specific log in/sign up form for a specific type of user. I created a reusable element and designed my popup with the appropriate fields but when I go to preview mode I am only able to see the logo on the top of the popup and all my input fields are missing.

Any thoughts? My screenshot of my designed popup and preview are below. Thanks!


Are those inputs in a group? Does that group have any conditions that would cause it to be hidden or is it checked “Not visible on page load”?

Or are they too large for the viewing screen being rendered causing it to be off screen? To test you can set the popup to a fixed width and then the inputs as well.

Those would be the first things that come to mind. :+1:

Thanks, @joseph.farinhas! Unfortunately, I am still unable to get this to work. All of the inputs are in a group and the box for not visible on the page load is not checked. I also tried the fixed width solution and failed as well.

Want to put a link to the editor? With screenshots provided its kind of hard to figure it out. You can also PM if you prefer. @portageusa

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