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Elements or parts of them can't be seen in design area

Hi Everybody,

I am starting a new form/screen. Even though my browser is only at 80%, I can’t even see the outline of my page. In both pics, I have scrolled all the way to the top but still can’t see the top border, even when I click on it.

The bottom border is also missing. I thought that maybe if I put a group element flush with either border, they would show up. It didn’t work. Coincidently, can anyone tell me why some elements stay hidden behind others, even when you select “Bring to front”? What do I need to do to ensure that I can always see the group AND the elements in it?

Please respond even if you can only answer some of this. Thank You for your time!


Can you provide a screenshot of your elements tree? Also, if you double click the group, what’s the Y coordinate? Perhaps less than 0?

The second picture border looks fine by the way, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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I’m having trouble when I add a new page. There are no elements yet. In the second picture, where I just added a new page, I don’t see the bottom of the page (there is no line there) AND I can’t scroll up to the top of the page. I am stuck with what you see in the second picture (the one with no elements). I can’t put elements flush against the top of the page if I can’t even scroll there to do the drag and drop. Does that help?

There won’t be a line. The bottom of the page looks like how it is in your second picture.

For the top of the page, I see your scrollbar on the right is all the way at the top.

If you double click on the page, what are the dimensions (height) of the page?

960 x 600

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