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Elements on my index page showing on other pages

I have an app with a main index page and the other pages are set up as groups.

It just recently started doing this yesterday but the elements (buttons, text, image logo, etc) on the index page is showing through on other pages.

Normally I would right-click and click bring to front and that would fix it. But now when I click bring to front, nothing happens.

Any advice?

Check the parent of those elements and see what group they’re in. Either show all elements in your element tree on the left or go to the property editor for the element and “select parent” at the very bottom. If their parent is just your actual index page, then they’re not in any group and is probably why they’re always visible.

Hello -

I looked there and now for some reason when I double click any of my elements the editing screen doesn’t come up for me to change colors, etc.

It just started doing that this morning.