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I have a page with 20 popups, will having all popups in a RE make the page faster?

If I have a RG on a popup, will the search start when the page loads? Or when the popup opens?

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In this scenario (number of elements) what makes things faster is to use as little elements as possible.

Look for how to consolidate them where viable.


Popup to create
Popup to edit
Popup to view

These can be done by one


So its the same to have 20 popups in a page than 20 popups in a RE, right?

Ohh, that´s a good idea

Thanks, @cmarchan,

20 popups in a page and 20 popups in a RE … my money would be that it is the same load on the browser and no change in interactions with the dB … so … the same

Reusable elements perform two main functions in my view:

  1. They enable you to concentrate browser logic ONCE and IN ONE place in your app (other than backend flows which are about server logic).
  2. It is less burden of elements and logic on the Bubble editor. You can place REs there knowing that the logic connecting them will be functional on the live page. But … if you want to edit that logic (or UI) you got to go inside the RE “forcing” you to leave your page and focus only on the RE. Less stress on the Bubble editor.
  3. And the third which is the conventional wisdom one … you can reuse them anywhere in your app! :sweat_smile:

Just my two cents … :+1:t2:


Ohh, okay, okay.

Great, thanks, @cmarchan :grinning: :computer:

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