Elements shifting in preview, how to prevent?

Hi guys.

I’m creating a basic application and want fixed positions for my elements. I’m running into an issue where a button on the bottom of the app is moving to the middle of the page, based on where or not cells in my repeating group are showing. How do I ensure elements stay fixed in a certain position? Here are some screenshots showing.

In editor, how I want it to appear

Preview without repeating group cells showing

Preview with repeating group cells showing

So you want the red icon to be at the bottom of the page, no matter what is happening with the repeating group…basically, Bubble will collapse the height of the repeating group when there is no data to be displayed, and that is why the red icon shifts up

To keep it at the bottom of the page, but it into a floating group and set it to ‘bottom’…this way it will always stay at the bottom.

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Thank you a ton! Such a simple fix I’ve spent so much time over-looking.

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