Groups visibility changes with repositioning

Hello Bubblers! I’m a noob to this so please go easy on me. I’m using the freebie app design template and i have replaced group1 which is the home page. it’s set to become visible when index’s state is “1”. its identical to all of the other groups/pages but it only shows when i position it lower than the others. If i try to align the top edges it does not show in preview. As soon as I reposition it lower it shows in preview but its not in the position that I want. What could be causing this issue?


Best guess, you’re putting it within another group when you position it higher on the page (and the parent group may not be visible when index’s state is 1. The way Bubble’s editor works, when you drag and drop elements on the page it’ll put them into a group if the element fits fully within any group where you drop it.

The primary way to avoid this (when you actually want to avoid it) is to reposition elements by changing the X and Y coordinates of the element and without actually dragging or dropping it.

Make sense?

That was it! Thank you so much! I totally overlooked the drag/drop behaviors.

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