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Mailbox to send/receive emails

I would like to integrate my company email mailbox inside bubble?
After login, user could send or receive emails provide for IMAP connection from email provider, but show it inside this framework?
Do you have any solution or plugging ?


Thank you for your post! I recommend checking out our API Connector, which lets you connect to any service that exposes a JSON-based, RESTful web API. You can use this to add API calls to fetch data from an external service, or post data to trigger some actions on the service’s end.

Additionally, you could search our marketplace for a plugin that suits your app needs.

No offense to bubble support but this ^^^^ was the most watered down answer that could’ve been given and shouldn’t reflect the typical support quality of this forum.


My recommendation would be to checkout mailgun or sendgrid inbound parse. You can set these up with webooks and save to your database.


+1 on the gentle feedback of the Bubble support comment :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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