Email Confirmation Keep User Signed In

Hi there!

I am having trouble with a few things related to email confirmations on my app! When I send an email confirmation at the time of a new sign up, the link gets generated and operates smoothly. When that link is clicked from a users email, the user gets taken to a page going over a marketplace guidelines link (still within the app), and then they click “explore marketplace” and get taken to the index. However, when the user lands on the index page, they are asked to sign in again.

How would I make it so that the user clicks the link from their email and it keeps them logged in on the app instead of signing them out at some point between signing up and confirming their email? I have clicked “Remember email?” checked and I would like to think that I have explored all the obvious options, but here we are.

Thanks a bunch!

I would recommend starting off with verifying that they are actually not signed in already. Maybe display current user’s email on each page. This will verify that the user is logged while you are trying to debug things.

Maybe you just need a conditional on the index page that says, ‘when the user is logged in’, do this or that.

Let me know how it goes. :blush:

Understood, thank you! I do have a “When logged in” group which is why I can immediately tell there is an issue. I will keep trying but thank you!

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