Email confirmation link which automatically logs the user in

Is it possible to send an email confirmation link, which onced clicked Automatically logs in the user.

So you skip the whole step of inputting email password in login page to login again.

Current Flow: Signup Page → Email Confirmation sent → Click on Email confirmation → Login Page → Website

I want the flow to be so simple that as user clicks on Email Confirmation, it automatically logs in the user, So he doesn’t have to login again.

You could do Sign the User Up / Email Confirmation Sent → Log the User In (with “stay logged in” as “yes”) → Navigate to Confirm Email Page (a page created to send people with a message that they need to confirm their email to continue to the site) → Click On Email Confirmation → Login Page (add logic on page load for if User already logged in and User “email confirmed” is “yes” they are forwarded to site) & (add logic on page load for if User User “email confirmed” is “no” they are forwarded to Email Confirmation Page)

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What if user opens the link a different browser. Would the user be then also logged in, or would it first go to login page ?

on a different browser, it won’t be login, what you can do is make a backend custom workflow, with a parameter as a user. and trigger it when the confirm email link opens the page by ( you have to search the user though) and then verify the code from a database ( do need to save the verification code also in the user ).

when it confirms the link is from the same user just trigger the backend and assign a team pass and log in the user ,

If you simply assigned a temporary password to a user’s account without deleting or overwriting the previous password, then the previous password should still be valid and usable by the user

hope this solves it, to an extent :smiley:

You can do it with frontend custom workflow too

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If the user was sent to a different browser from clicking the email confirmation link then they will go to the login page and will not still be logged in but these are edge cases and there is nothing you can do about it. If you were able to edit the email confirmation link or the email that is sent dynamically then you could solve that issue but not now.

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