Email confirmation on another browser

Hi all! I’m having trouble when a user open the confirmation email in a different browser/device from the one the user originally signed up.
It might be the case that this browser/device already has another used logged in and, thus, even when clicking the email confirmation link, the app loads using this other user credentials and not the credentials that are sent via the parameters of the email confirmation link.
I can’t use the action “log the user out” since it’s a single page where a new users signs up, confirm its emails and subscribes to a plan. I wonder if there’s a way for me to check the parameters send via the confirmation link against the current logged in user and log the user out if they not match.
Any thoughts?

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Could you create a workflow whenever the page is loaded and log the user out.

You’ll just need to add a condition on the workflow trigger that only allows it to run if the user is currently logged in AND if they’ve just landed on the page through the confirmation email.

The condition could look something like this:

When current user is logged in AND when page URL contains (one of the parameters sent through the confirmation email)

I haven’t tested this, but it’s just a suggestion to point you in the right direction.

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