Email confirmation link auto-click?

Hi all. Did you experience if some spam checkers auto-click the confirmation links in the emails? I tried some emails and they auto-confirmed without the email received. I dont have a huge testset but office365 based emails look like they got confirmed immediately.

A sample confirmation email below. The link immediately confirms the user:

I’ve seen this mentioned before on the forum, and i don’t remember there being a fix, as we don’t have much control over the confirmation flow.

You could get around this by creating your own Email Confirmation flow + DB field.
Create your own unique url, confirmation page, and confirm the email in a workflow activated by either a user action, or even by just delaying the workflow by a few seconds. as the anti-spam measures dont stay on the page for more than a few instants.


I think with Microsoft emails they have some URL defense thing where it loads all the links on the email so built-in magic emails and confirmation emails becomes useless basically


Probably I will implement my own. It is not hard, but it would be nice to have an option like confirm link just takes you to the confirm page. But of course, this requires another action confirm the user :slight_smile:

What @johnny said^^

Microsoft has a few security measures related to this the most widely used is called Microsoft safelink you can adjust your settings for a whole org or individual account in security settings.

However you’d require your users to do that so not ideal.

Rather Microsoft safelink doesn’t work with rich text formatted emails so if you format as rich text it likely won’t auto click.

I’d start there however, It may be one of their other security measures.

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Oh I didn’t know that! The new things I learn everyday on the Bubble Forum :sweat_smile: :blush:

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