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Signup workflow understanding

Hello all,

Firstly what an awesome platform.

I’ve created a signup workflow but have a number of questions.

  1. When a user signs up and the ‘send an email to confirm the email’ is checked does this mean the user wont be able to log in until the email confirmation link is clicked on?

  2. Is there a way of stopping automatic user login after the user has signed up?

Many Thanks


  1. I believe they can still login just that the field “Email confirmed” would be No so you would have to specify what happens to Users that aren’t confirmed

  2. Not with the current sign up workflow but you could just log them out right after the signup workflow?

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Hey Hilltribesolutions,

Thank you very much for your help.

Is there any way to check what the value is of ‘email confirmed’ in the backend?

The reason I ask is when clicking on a confirmation link in the email I don’t think it’s changing the ‘email confirmed’ value to yes.

To test this on a ‘login workflow’ I set the following 'Current User’s email confirmed is “yes” ’ on a login button.

Entering the credentials of a confirmed user and clicking login the user can’t log in.

However if I change 'Current User’s email confirmed is “yes” ’ to 'Current User’s email confirmed is “no” ’ on the login button the same user can login.

Many Thanks


I think what’s happening is that the button conditional you put is getting the Current User (since you haven’t actually logged in yet) who doesn’t have an account. So when you try to press login button, this user isn’t confirmed so it actually is working.

One way you could approach it is to do a “Do when” condition that says when the User is logged in and email confirmed is no, navigate to a generic page telling them to confirm their email.

Hi Hilltribesolutions,

Brilliant, thank you very much that worked.

Many Thanks


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