Email confirmation setup

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how do I set up a system to send a confirmation email and only after the email is confirmed the user will be allowed to complete sign up

I just want to bring this back up. As far as I can see, the “confirmation email” is a standard part of the sigup process. Under the Account actions in Workflows, when you select to Sign a User Up, you can select there whether or not a confirmation email is sent.

However, when I switch this on, I was assuming that the property “email confirmed” would be added automatically to my User properties - that is the impression the Reference gives.

I don’t have this property in my User tables - although I am using a Template. Could it have been removed. I would like to use this feature, but would rather use the default option than implement it myself. Any ideas why the property is missing from my app, and how to add back?

The field should be there. You can’t see it in the data tab, but it’s accessible as a user field in workflow logic and in displaying information on the user.

Regarding how to use it in the signup process – as with most things in Bubble, it’s up to you. For example you could apply a condition on a login worfklow that the email confirm field must be “yes”.

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So it is! Thanks. I was expecting to see the field in the database.

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