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Hey folks,

So, I am trying to create a user sign up flow wherein I am trying to leverage Bubble’s native email confirmation flow.

My question is around why I am getting a generic link in my test version when there is a unique link being sent to my email. So, here’s the full setup:

  • I have a typical email and password sign up screen
  • When the user hits submit, there is an alert to check email for confirmation
  • I use’s native email confirmation (see picture 1 below)
  • The user receives an email with a unique link (tied to the user’s unique ID believe) - I’ve tested this out
  • When the user clicks on the unique link, it takes them to the next step of the sign up process to provide more information (which is on a different page) - but the unique link doesn’t persist and I am unable to register any of the new information to the database and tie it to the user

I would LOVE some help :slight_smile:


Hello @vaishnavisrivathsan

Are you bypassing Bubble’s confirmation token?

Not really, I was hoping to use that confirmation token as a URL parameter (since it’s the user’s unique ID). Any ideas?

The confirmation token is a different unique id handled internally to confirm the user’s email, the user’s unique ID is different and different format

Ah okay. I assumed it’ll be the same. How have you worked around this? Generate your own unique token and associate it with the user?

Thank you!

Hello @vaishnavisrivathsan

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Ah, that helps a lot. Thank you!


@cmarchan @vaishnavisrivathsan my starting assumption is that given that it is a bubble generated token, when a user visits the URL (created as per the instructions), it should:

  1. confirm the email
  2. Log the user in automatically

The assumption is based on the default behaviour for the bubble generated email.

I am testing this now and neither 1 & 2 seem to happen. Do we have to store this token on the user and build our own workflow to confirm email & log the user in? Thanks heaps!

The email confirmation link doesn’t log them in. The assumption is they have signed up so now they are logged in, it sends the confirmation email, they click it and Bubble has their own internal logic to set the current logged in user’s “email confirmed” to yes.

Bubble probably has their own hidden database with the User and the confirmation token so it can verify its correct


Thanks @tylerboodman. I was testing incognito and must have done something wrong for it to not confirm the email.

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Just figured this out, I just added the login on the receiving page post email confirmation and it worked. My error was more basic - I had not created a new thing for the user’s child data type - which blocked me from proceeding forward.

PS: Also decided it was too much to do the URL retrieval for MVP and going with the “Current User” approach.

Thank you all for your help!

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