How to get user credentials from confirmation_email uniqueID

When sending a user a confirmation link, the url returns a parameter confirmation_email=XXX

Where XXX = uniqueId.

I would like to pre-populate the user name / email field of the sign in screen to make it easier for the user.

How do I get the user details from this uniqueId?


Since this action sends an email to the currently logged-in user, you can use the Current User’s email and name

Thanks, maybe I’m not following you.

We log the user in, send the confirmation link and immediately log them out. Because, why would you want the user logged in if they haven’t confirmed their email.

Then they click on the link, they are taken back to the login page, but the login page doesn’t know who they are. All the page can tell is the confirmation_email=XXX(uniqueId).

when you say “confirmation link”, do you mean magic link?
because the term confirmation link refers to something else

No. That is something different.

When you select ‘Send confirmation email’, you can send a confirmation link to ensure the user owns their email account.

When the user clicks on this, the url that is returned has a parameter confirmation_email. That’s all the information you get. Now you want to get the user associated with that link. I’m not sure how. That is the question.

I assume you meant the confirmation link during sign up process.
In most cases, the workflow will sign the user up, so if the user presses the link from the same browser, he will be already logged in with the new account.
If the user presses the link on another device or browser, I dont think there is a way to retrieve the user details. the code in the url is not the user’s unique ID.

it doesn’t matter. It’s the confirmation link. It’s the same process whether it is sent after initial sign up or the user wants a new confirmation link because they lost theirs. SAME RESULT.

The RETURN URL is what I am talking about. It has a PARAMETER. That parameter appears to be USELESS. That’s what I’m trying to figure out: How to use the PARAMETER to get something useful to do something for the user.

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