Email Confirmed set by user option

We initially needed to have the users confirm their email.
So we set up the user signup, including a block to send a confirmation email.

All other emails are being received by our (big corporate) client, accept the confirmation email.
We are sending our email through SendGrid and I can tell that they were accepted by their mailserver.

Anyway,… as a workaround I wanted to CONFIRM the email account on their behalf using the backend so they can at least log in. But I can’t find a way to do this.
Do you guys / gals know of a way to set the email.confirmed = true?

Secondly. Our corporates DON’T allow email with a link “hidden” under a text. So for most emails we have the friendly link (here is a link) and we have the fully spelled out link that they can copy and paste into their browser. “//linktoanywhere”

BUT the send confirmation email mail sent by bubble I have no control over the contents.
→ Is there a way to generate a confirmation link that I can include in an email I make myself?

I was hoping I wasn’t the only one.
Did you guys just build your own? Or is there a way to set the email.confirm to yes other than the built-in system?

I would also like to be able to do more with email confirmation:

  1. Roll my own - set User’s email confirmed field in a workflow
  2. Get the email confirmation link, but send an email (e.g. using Postmark) myself

I’m really surprised more people aren’t creating noise about the current limitations.

I’m considering making my own User’s Is Verified field, but then I think the email confirmed field is set by OAUTH plugins so I’d prefer to keep the inbuilt field. If I could just set it myself!

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