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SMTP email for users own domain

Allow the users to use their own domain SMTP settings for sending email rather than forcing them to setup and pay for yet another service, with another provider in the stack.


I wonder if it is possible to sponsor this and if anyone else is interested in sponsorship.

Dave, do you think this is possible in bubble? And maybe they are already working on it?

Any opinions @emmanuel ?

+1 for this

I think by now we should have +474 for this :joy:

It would definitly be a nice feature, as subscribing to SendGrid is indeed an additional cost, and sending emails from a bubble address is out of question for a professional-looking service.

I was wondering if this could be achieved through javascript, and thus through a plugin…

Edit : in fact, javascript being executed client-side, I am not sure that it could be used for that…

I have sendgrid because of what you pointed out. My preference is to have as many features inside of bubble and not rely on outside sources as they can screw your app pretty quick with a policy change.

I’m in!

I don’t think this is a great idea, TBH.

If we are all sending from the same Bubble IP address …. and someone gets pinged for being spammy … all our emails could get hit as well. I really don’t want that. And neither do you if you think about it.

At this supposes that you can get your customers to add DNS entries for SPF and DKIM? Which is a whole different thing.

Somewhat better, I would suggest (and this is way many other app providers do it) , is to integrate via API with a specialist provider of mail services (Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill etc).

Or use the “sent on behalf of” feature of outgoing mail.

Really not sure that we should reinvent the transactional email wheel, when it has already been invented, and has an API on the front, already.

Chances are your customer already has a mail provider, so a way to allow them to authorise access via API would be ideal.

@NigelG speaks truth. It’s safer for all to use 3rd parties.

On a side note, Mandrill was integrated in Mailchimp as an add-on(paid plans). So no more free tier with them.

Sparkpost offers 100K mails/month on their free tier.

Postmark is also an option, as it allows you to add “sender signatures” without the need to all the DNS messing. So an individual email address verified by Postmark. Fairly cheap too.

Indeed, I now better understand why we cannot use our own smtp settings.
SendGrid costs 20$/month for what Sparkpost offers for free (where is the catch?), and could be thus a better solution.
I believe that since it offers a Rest API, it could be implemented usig the plugin editor.
I will look at this hen I have more time :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I haven’t used Sparkpost ever so I don’t know where is the catch. I know about them because in the letter where mandrill informed about the merge as plugin with mailchimp the let the users know that Sparkpost had offered themselves to respect those in free tier in mandrill in their pricing plan. So sparkpost was actually suggested by Mandril/Mailchimp.

Thank you for your input @NigelG , it is respected and valued. I now understand.