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Email Error: Limited to 50 recipients

Hello fellow bubblers,

Recently, my users using my job posting app called Posted got this error when trying to post a job:

“Too many recipients: cannot have more than 50 recipients per email. Please upgrade and use your API key to increase this limit.”

When a job is posted, all 700+ users are emailed using the default bubble email workflow event. I am not using Sendgrid for the email template, I am just using the default bubble email event. Additionally, I am on the Personal Plan. This error has never occurred before and we’ve been sending emails to hundreds of users (and we haven’t changed anything with the workflow).

It sounds like it’s coming from an API service but we’re not using any API services for the email workflow. If you have any ideas as to where this is coming from or how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you,

Hi there @q49b863,

This is accurate and is working as intended. Bubble pushed and update for this recently.

To maintain the health of emails being sent from Free plan Bubble apps, such apps can only send emails to 50 addresses at a time (this limit does not apply to apps with the owner’s Sendgrid key applied)

Based on the timing, I’m sure this update has something to do with it but it says that the 50 email limit only applies to apps on the “Free” plan and we’re on the “Personal” plan ($29

per month).

Are you using your own Sendgrid API key?

It does say: (this limit does not apply to apps with the owner’s Sendgrid key applied), so I’m assuming this is in effect for anything sent from Bubble’s Sendgrid API keys aka anything sent from

Hmmm, it looks like we’ve got a Sendgrid API key applied but we’re not using sendgrid workflow events.

Hmm… just to confirm your API key is in Settings > Domain/Email?

If so, this may be a legitimate bug that you’ll need to report at

I just double checked and we do have a Sendgrid API key applied but we’re not using it. Might be weird edge case.

If you have an API key in there, it’s used under the default “Send Email” action. Is that what you’re using?

Ahh, I didn’t know it was used by default if the key is applied. I thought it was only used for templated emails. This is helpful information!

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Yeah, so my recommendation for you is to submit a bug report because I think this might be a legit bug

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Thank you @johnny!

No problem!

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