Email Field and profile pic Retaining Old Test Data

Hi all,

I have a really weird anomaly happening an email field. For some reason it is retaining a really old email address and profile pic I used for a user account a few weeks ago. A user that has since been removed from my DB.


I cannot see anywhere this is being stored and any reason for this.

I’m not even loading in any initial content in an attmpt to get rid of this.

Any advice would be great

Are you seeing this in an incognito browser? Different browser? Different computer/mobile phone? :blush:

I see it on everything, incog, browser, mobile.

Tried deleting and re-adding the fields manually… no avail.

It’s like a default user saved somewhere!

You’ve triple checked it’s not your browser prefilling? Have you deleted the element in the editor and repasted it to see if that refreshes it somehow?

Yep, tried 4 devices now, PC, laptop and 2 phones.

Tried replacing the fields from scratch and still the same. Also found it on a popup that has no dynamic data at all.


It’s driving me crazy. My app isn’t live yet so I am tempted to push it to prod to see if the problem persists.