Data fields repopulating randomly

Hi there,

I’m creating some data fields under user:-

Name -text
Photo - image
Profile-type - text
Featured - yes/no

As soon as I create Featured it changes all the previous fields to be called my email address, with the default value being my email address as well.

Anyone else having this issue?


I have tried what you explained in a new empty bubble app but couldn’t get it replicated. Can you redo what you did in a new empty app and if you still get the same result, can you report back?


Here we go… just manually went through and changed them all in the end, but was keen to know if it was effecting anyone else

FYI… this issue has come up a couple/few times in recent-ish months, and it has always been related to the user’s browser autofill going haywire.

This might be the reason I couldn’t replicate it. For the original poster @david.galpin , try to use a different browser with no auto-fill.

Cheers guys will give that a blast