Email from Default Desktop App

Has anyone run across a plugin or API to send an email (default the to address, subject, and message) using your default desktop or web email application (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, etc.)? I’m trying to find a way to allow users to send emails to external people from within the App, but allow it to be sent from their actual ISP - preventing potential spam issues with Sendgrid or Mailchimp.



It’s possible to build this with APIs for most of the big email providers (Microsoft, Google, etc.). I’m working on creating an email client in one of my apps.

Another potential option, now that we can build server side plugins, might involve using a nodeJS SMTP erver. Not entirely sure if this is possible yet, but there are a lot of them on NPM.

Well, if you construct a mailto: link, you can open the user’s default mail application with (optionally) a pre-composed subject and message in the email.

Google “mailto: link”

Of course, you can’t click “Send” for them.

To actually use the User’s mail servers of choice from within your application would require SMTP features. Not sure if anyone has managed this in Bubble. There is an older discussion of this subject here: