Email not being sent

Hello. I could use some help.
I created a market site app where customers can log in create a “for sale listing” and then a potential customer can contact the owner of the listing via an email using a text box on the listing page.

All was working well until I set up my domain. I have created an account with Sendgrid and verified it by domain and setup the API. So as far as I am aware its set up correctly .

Is there an issue with the way I have setup the workflow? or is it to do with Sendgrid? There is nothing obvious to me that is setup incorrectly ?

Hi @nikkdobson,

I am guessing you have not set the API key in the settings tab, this is required once you move to a custom domain – here is the official docs reference.

Otherwise could you take another look at the logs and send a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you send an email?

Let me know.

I have added the API in settings page and it states connected?
I’m at a loss, was working fine before I added a domain

Hi @nikkdobson :wave:
I had the same issue like yours but i don’t know what was wrong with it ?
Do let us know if you resolve the issue of setting sendgrid from bubble…

Since my app needs to pushed in production i used sendgrid plugin by copilot.
It fixes my issue

I tried the plugin, I was just getting errors?

I have worked it out. I moved the contact form into the same container as the created listing page.
So the contact form became part of the listing’s container. Obviously if the contact form is in a different container, it’s no longer part of the creators listing. If you understand what I mean!

Or Maybe Not… seems to have stopped again

Ok and is it saying anything in your logs? A screenshot would be good.

An email action can also fail to send for example if the Current user's email is empty e.g. when being logged out.

So I’d need to see the logs or PM me with your editor link if you would like me to take a closer look.

There’s an issue with the dynamic email input. If I change the input to a static email address it works. Its just not working with the original creators email

Ok great then what does it say when you have it dynamic again & inspect with step by step turned on.

A screenshot of the email action in run mode would help then.

I am guessing your current page listing is either empty / it’s creator / it’s creator’s email or a privacy rule is in your way.

Thanks for the help but I’ve managed to sort it. But not really how I planned it. Instead of using the creators email. I have setup a field in the listing section to add an email along with the item description. So even though the creator of the listing is logged in, they will need to add an email to an input field.
Thus I can create a dynamic input from the Listing instead of User. Not ideal but not so bad.