Email or text capability

When the user is looking at a list which contains names , phone #'s and email addresses and clicks into a particular record, is there a way for the system to bring you to your own phone’s text application or email application to send the message from there?

Hey there @openhousevisitors,

Do you mean linking a phone and email to a text element/link element?

For email you can do:

For phone you can do:

Thank you for your response.

Actually I am interested in doing the following:

  1. The user of the App clicks on an “address” element which is part of a repeating group.
  2. The workflow for this element then takes the user directly to his/her own email account on their phone and creates a draft message/email using the “address” from step one.

So it’s not that the user fills out different input fields which then are used to create a text or email message, it that the system opens up the users own email and begins the message there.

Hope that helps to clarify.

Hi @openhousevisitors,

In that case, you’d use this type of mailto link for a prefilled email:


(removing the brackets when you do use it though)

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Thank you very much. It took me a bit to figure out where to put the mailto: structure you provided. Did not realize it was a simple as using the workflow to open an external website with your provided structure.

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