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Email reminder for expired Thing

I know similar queries have been asked, but I’m still struggling to get my backend workflow to function.
I want to send Users an email reminding them when one of their Credentials expires.
Each user has the ability to customise their reminder period.

Could someone advise on how to make this work?

You need to create a backend (API) workflow that will run the actions you need - in this case to send an email to a User.

Then you need to schedule that workflow to run at a particular time - for example, one month before their expiry date (which you’d do by setting the scheduled date to User's Expiry Data +(months) -1)

In most cases you’d want to schedule the API workflow to run from within the same workflow you use to create the object in the first place - i.e. in the workflow that sets the expiry date, schedule the backend workflow to run in the last step.

An alternative approach could be to run a backend workflow daily, that searches for User’s who’s expiry date is one month from today, and then schedules the other API to run (at the current date/time) on that list of Users.

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