Email solution something like Phpmailer

Hi Bubblers,

We are building a Travel CRM in Bubble where most of our customers would not be having their own domains but be using gmail or yahoo, Microsoft 365 etc. for their communication. If being built with code, I would have used phpmailer where the customers can enter their credentials and set up their smtp details etc. Is such an option possible in Bubble? I have explored both, Postmark as well as Mailersend there is a roadblock to each of them. If phpmailer option is not possible, is there a solution for this:
Let’s say we have 100 customers each having 10 users hence all communication including quotations, invoices, vouchers, replies would happen from all these users.

So, how do we set up so that all emails get responses to the same ID from which it was sent?
Also, would they also be able to send & receive emails from their webmail, both, for mails sent from our app as well as those which were sent from their webmail?

It might sound a bit silly but since I am not a technical person I need some inputs and help in figuring this out.




I found this service:
Might be helpful.

There’s also a plugin for sending emails and receiving notifications via webhooks

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